We're committed to educate our youth

The situation is our youth are the lamps of this nation. There is a segment of youth in our society that remain dimmed in hopelessness. These children need a spark to contribute to the brightness of this beacon, the United States of America. The Five and Two Decision Making Process ignites the youth’s ability to assess their environment, organize their assets to decide with a high level of confidence on a course of successful actions toward their vision.

Our purpose is to educate the youth in the Decision Making Process, to lead their communities to prosperity.  Success is a collection of good Decisions. Conversely, failure is a collection of bad decisions. Within a span of time many decisions can be made, some may not be as good as others. However, a person knowledgeable with the decision making process tool, will take lessons-learned from previous failures, to craft subsequent decisions within a given time frame to achieve success.

The Challenge we face is shifting the perspective of youth to realize they have tremendous value and a responsibility to honor the legacy of their ancestors by contributing to the advancement of their communities. F&TSG will assist them to gather knowledge of history and geography, to develop abilities of envisioning and executing a plan for their future. This is the path for the youth to meet and defeat their present challenges.

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