Fifth Through Eighth Grades: F&TSG Pre-Decision Making Process Program

  • BC Graham Luncheon

    BC Graham Luncheon

    Celebrating after a review of seven sessions of history and geography as pre-decision making process, before the 2018 spring break.

Client: Test Client
Increase youth knowledge of history and geography while improving literacy as a pre-decision making process.

Vision:  Develop a productive space for students to gather knowledge about who they are and the state of their environment, in order to develop their visionary abilities to make good decisions about their lives and  their communities.

Objective:  Make reading fun and exciting for students, while they are learning about themselves through history and geography.

Concept:  All reading materials will be of history and geography, so children and their parents / guardians can have meaningful dialogues about their journey into the New World (American Continent).

Learning Elements:  Able to extract the 5 Ws and H as appropriate (who, what, when, where, why and how) from their reading exercises.

Supporting Activities:

1.  Story Telling: Invite story tellers to tell stories of historical value.  Story telling will develop their ability to listen, share thoughts and to pull essential elements of understanding such as; honor, respect and dignity from historical figures. 

2.  Dramatization assists with reading comprehension and motivation.  If students can dramatize what they have read, they have comprehended it and have developed the ability to visualize. 

3.  Presentation develops students ability to articulate in complete thoughts their writen vision statement; vision sharing is an important factor for effective leadership.