Five and Two Solutions International Engagements

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Client: Test Client 2
Task: Design
Skills: Photoshop
Link Students together to share Spiritual, Educational and Entrepreneurial experiences.

Vision: Link US Students from 5th through 12th grades with their counterparts around the New World, using available technology to share Spiritual (belief system) Educational ( history and geography: knowledge of self and your environment) Entrepreneurial (desire to create, produce and contribute to humanity) experiences.

Objective: To broaden students’ situational awareness to enhance the clarity of their vision about their environment and their nation.

Concept: Develop relationships with schools, churches and Civic Organizations in countries of the Caribbean, Central America, South America and Africa to execute engagement programs for Five and Two Solutions Group Inc. Junior Partners.

Learning Elements: Know the different ethnic groups that belong to the environment to form the community.  How did they become part of the community?  Integrate them as part of the learning process and facilitators to  countries of interest envisioned in our concept.

Supporting Activities:

-          Skype

-          Facetime

-          Teleconference

-          Ethnic Food Preparation

-          Travel