Round Table Discussions

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Client: Parent Teacher Associations, Community Centers, Civic and Faith Base Organizations
Task: Discuss Salient Issues That Demand Focus to Find Solutions
Skills: Identify and Recruit Skill Sets Necessary to Solve Issues Identified During the Round Tables
F&TSG Round Table Discussions highlight salient issues that demand focus for community development.  

Vision: Five and Two Solutions Round Table is a safe space in the community where salient issues that demand focus are discussed, ideas are generated and actions are initiated. 

Objective: Tackle and solve at least four issues per year that the community can solve themselves through either individual or collective actions by the community.

Concept: Meeting once a quarter to highlight an issue, envision a solution and develop a way ahead.

Learning Elements: We are focusing specifically on individual and community responsibilities; what can I / WE do?  The social issues that plague for so long the vulnerable communities of this nation may be due to generations of political visions unhinged from the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States; key documents that formed the foundation of this nation.  To insure We the People include all people, Five and Two Solutions Group will examine these foundational documents in light of today's issues in our communities, through a series of Round Table Discussions.

Supporting Activities:

  • Establish justice - School to prison pipeline, Police brutality and the justice system
  • Insure domestic tranquility - Freedom of one group to promote the demise of another group under the guise of freedom of speech (is racism nationalism?)
  • Provide for the common defence - The ratio of minority Officers and Enlisted in the Armed Forces, the police, all the security agencies (federal and local).
  • Promote the general welfare - Bank lending practices to minorities
  • Secure the blessings of liberty for our selves and our posterity - Access to wealth = Education system in the area poor zones
  • Belief system Development -
  • Entrepreneurial Development -

The F&TSG Round Table Discussions will be open to the public in public libraries and other venues accessible to the general public.

Be there and participate!