Five and Two Solutions is from Luke 9:13 in the Bible; Five loaves and Two Fish.   The moral to the story is:  Start where you are with what you have even if it is five loaves and two fish.

One Sunday school morning in the recreation center of Progress Village in 2005, a group of adults over the age of 40 came to the conclusion that their age group should be the visionaries and leaders of today, since they were at the peak of their productive years.  They noticed also, they have produced no enduring legacy for future generation.

This discussion was born out of frustration over the church leadership and management of resources within the community.  It was acknowledged that the church was the oldest and probably the most respected institution in the society at large but yet this particular church in Progress Village did not take responsibility for

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Five and Two Solutions Group
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June 2005
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the people surrounding the church to include the youth of the village.  This group of adults wanted to do something.

I took the opportunity to offer the History and Geography Ministry as a conduit of service to the church especially for the youth of the village, by having monthly family forums.  The purpose of the family forums was to share thoughts both personal and historical, to facilitate communication, promote trust within the congregation and to introduce historical knowledge as a source of wisdom to assist our youth in resolving present day problems.

During the same discussion periods we acknowledged high unemployment and disillusionment were breaking our young people down.  Employers were not eager to meaningfully engage our youth.  This community does not produce employment.

Realizing this as a problem set; I invited a few community leaders and former military officers and Non-Commission Officers to join me at my house, on Saturday 6:30 AM.   We engaged in a series of discussions over a period of weeks to formulate a permanent way ahead for our youth.  Through these discussions Five and Two Solutions Group Inc. was born.  I presented the  three principles that the biblical story embodied for this community:

  1. Assess the community to understand their needs and capacities
  2. Organize their assets no matter how meager
  3. Feed their Spiritual, Educational and Entrepreneurial needs.

Thus, the Five and Two Solutions Decision Making Process formula of self-sufficiency was established.

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