Berthony Napoleon

Berthony leads Five and Two solutions Group into schools, community centers, and churches to equip their youth with the skill of decision making.  His leadership and developmental skills are grounded in more than 40 years experience.  He developed a consistent leadership success track records in organizational development, training management, strategic and operations planning, policy and strategy administration, program management and soldier-diplomacy. He was commissioned in the United States Army in 1976 serving honorably and with distinctions as an Air Defense Artillery Officer and a Foreign Area Officer until he retired in 1999.  Within the same year he accepted a contract from MPRI / L3 Com, as a Training Specialist and Advisor to nations in Africa serving both Department of Defense and Department of State in their democratization effort of friendly nations.  In 2005 he accepted an Intelligence Analyst position from Department of the Air Force where he developed and led the USCENTCOM International Engagement Program.  That position was later transferred to the Defense Intelligence Agency, where he also developed the USCENTCOM Research Branch that established the Department of Defense best practice standards to support mitigation efforts of compromised classified information. He retired as a DOD Civilian 30 April 2018.   His impressive list of career accomplishments included Politico-Military Advisor to UN Forces Haiti, designed and implemented a training management system for the Nigerian Defense Department, and contributed to the modernization of the US Army's Air Defense Command, Control, Communication, Computers and Intelligence systems through integration of 10-communication technology programs.  He has a Bachelor in Psychology, a Master in Business Administration and a Master in Human Resources Management.  He is married to Ava, they have two daughters and a grandson.